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 Meetings in 2017 will be January 26, April 27, July 27, and October 26.

April 2017 -- Spring Seminar
Spring Seminar
Day: Saturday, April 22, 2017
Location: Spring Hill Suites, Huntsville                                 Download informational flyer here.

This seminar features two speakers: Charles A. Sherrill, State Librarian and Archivist of Tennessee, and Gordon T Belt, Director of Public Services for the Tennessee State Library & Archives.  


Chuck will present two workshops:

Analysis of a Case File:  A long trail has led you to that hefty packet of old papers filed in your ancestor’s lawsuit.  But how do you wade through the legal jargon and cull the valuable research clues hidden in a hundred pages of cramped handwriting?  Learn how to systematically identify, sort and read case files for effective use.


Using Original Court Records: A Hands-On Workshop: Files of the Tennessee Supreme Court form the basis for this workshop. Participants will gain hands-on experience in identifying and interpreting original records.  Exercises using copies from 19th-century minute books, dockets, estate packets and court cases will help develop skills for effective research among these records.


Gordon  will round out the day with two more presentations:

Stories from the Stacks: Evidence of our past is found in the documents, photographs, maps, and artifacts left behind by our ancestors.  They help us tell a story about our collective history.  Learn about a wide range of historic items and collections discovered “in the stacks” of the Library & Archives, each item with a unique story to tell.


John Sevier: Tennessee's First Hero:  Soldier, politician and founding father of the state of Tennessee, John Sevier led an adventurous life.  He forged the “State of Franklin” from the western lands of North Carolina, and later became Tennessee’s first governor.  Participants will examine John Sevier’s extraordinary life through the lens of history and memory, shedding new light on this remarkable Tennessee figure.

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Three distinguished authors will join us at our 22 April 2017 seminar:

  •      Gordon T. Belt, Director of Public Services for Tennessee State Library & Archives and founding editor of The Posterity Project, a Tennessee historical blog.  Gordon’s most recent publication is John Sevier: Tennessee’s First Hero.

  •      Robert (Bob) Davis, well known to North Alabama for his genealogy courses at Wallace State College and his historical and genealogical presentations.  Bob has written over 1,000 articles/publications on research, records, genealogy and history.  Bob is especially noted for his publications/research on Georgia to include A Researcher’s Library of Georgia, The Wilkes County Papers, Georgia Citizens and Soldiers of the American Revolution and Civil War Atlanta. Bob’s latest publication on Alabama is entitled Tracing Your Alabama Past.

  •      Rickey Butch Walker is a noted North Alabama historian, researcher, and Alabama authority on Native American-Celtic history. Among his publications are Doublehead: Last Chickamauga Cherokee Chief, Warrior Mountains Indian Heritage, Warrior Mountains Folklore, Celtic Indian Boy of Appalachia and Chickasaw Chief George Colbert.  

April 2017
Regular Membership Meeting
Day: Thursday,  April 27, 2017
Time and Location: 7:00 PM,  Huntsville-Madison County Public Library

Program:  Dr. Chris Paysinger, “Making History Local, a Better Context for Approaching the Past.”


July 2017
Regular Membership Meeting
Day: Thursday,  July 27, 2017
Time and Location: 7:00 PM,  Huntsville-Madison County Public Library

Program:  Dr. George Marachelos, “Genealogy Antique Roadshow.”


October 2017
Regular Membership Meeting
Day: Thursday,  October 26, 2017
Time and Location: 7:00 PM,  Huntsville-Madison County Public Library

Program:  Richey Butch Walker, discussing two of his books “Doublehead: Last Chickamauga Cherokee Chief" and "Appalachian Indian Trails for the Chickamauga: Lower Cherokee Settlements.” 

Melvina Phillips (l), New Member of First Families of the Tennessee Valley with Bettye Perrine(r) 2015 Fall Seminar: David Ouimette
and attendees
2016 Genealogy Roadshow
with Dr. and Mrs. Marchelos

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